Heartland Bible Church’s Discipleship Program is intended to build & equip an army of fully devoted disciples of Jesus by helping faithful men & women become spiritually mature and equipping them to disciple others.

The foundational principle upon which this program is primarily built is found in 2nd Timothy. It is here that Paul directs Timothy to share what he has learned with faithful men who will be able to teach others. Heartland places an emphasis on discipleship because we recognize the importance of developing men and women who will take what they have learned and share it with others.

Heartland’s Discipleship Program requires a two year commitment.

During the first year, our disciples will become familiar with the major doctrines of the Christian faith and learn how to apply them to their own lives. They will learn how to develop an effective devotional and study plan in order to grow spiritually. Additionally, through this program, disciples will discover tools and techniques to help others find Christ and grow in their faith.

During the second year the disciple will become the teacher, taking what they have learned and passing it on to others. They will take on a discipleship group or a small group of their own and equip them to disciple others.

Heartland requires that all small group leaders complete this Discipleship Program prior to leading a small group.

Typically, our discipleship groups have 3-5 students. Groups form on an ongoing basis, but will be closed once they have begun.

For more info or to sign-up for an upcoming Men’s Discipleship Group or Women’s Discipleship Group, please email Nicole Lott directly.




Times are changing and Biblical discipleship is very difficult to do on a grand scale. Heartland Bible Church has a adopted some of the concepts Francis Chan discussed at the 2013 Thrive Convention. He explains that the great commission of the local modern church is not simply to ‘make disciples’ but to make ‘disciple makers.’


Nicole Lott

Nicole Lott

Discipleship Ministry Leader

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