Heartland is a newer church plant and we’ve asked one another, if Jesus launched a church today, what would it look like? After some serious discussion, we believe His church would be:

  • Simple
  • Intimate
  • Authentic
  • Relevant
  • Powerful

While preparing a message on the book of Acts, Pastor Rod was moved to start doing church a new way … actually an old way … the way it was originally done in the early church.

He realized that most people come to church for a few basic reasons. They want to commune with God. They want to learn about Him. They want to fellowship and connect with other believers. As they grow, they want to serve and learn to use their spiritual gifts. 

With a seminary degree in Christian Leadership and a master’s degree in Education (along with decades of experience as a high school science teacher), Pastor Rod realized that people have always learned optimally when they are interacting and engaged in a discussion.

People aren’t equipped by watching and listening … they are equipped by doing.

If learning about God and connecting with other believers are the reasons people come to church, then perhaps church should be be a lot less formal and a lot more personal.

It was for these reasons that Heartland Bible Church was birthed.

Interestingly, Heartland began its journey in a very humble way. After some unforeseen circumstances, Pastor Rod’s family found themselves conducting a weekly church service in their family room.  After some time in prayer, they decided to open their home to those who wanted to join the tiny church service. It wasn’t long before more people asked to come to ‘church’ so they started to share meals and discuss the Scriptures. Gathering for meals, prayer, and teaching often brought laughter and fellowship until the late hours of the night. The realization hit this was probably what it was like for the early church to ‘do life together’ and they loved it!

It was at that point they decided to become more official and launched Heartland Bible Church.

Heartland eventually outgrew the basement and had to move to a more formal Sunday church environment BUT they’ve kept those less formal characteristics that make Heartland unique. (For example, Heartland opens every church service with an Ice Breaker discussion question to help get to know people and build community.)

Heartland Bible Church has developed into a discipleship-focused church that encourages each person to have an authentic relationship with God and with others. In addition, Heartland has also grown into a church with a commitment to those who struggle with addiction. Our church takes a hands-on approach with those in recovery and we often witness miracles!

Now that Heartland has settled in Wood Dale, Illinois we are committed to making a spiritual and practical impact in our community and in the surrounding areas of Bensenville, IL and Addison, IL as well. We know the Lord has wonderful plans for our area!

Bible Verse of the Day

Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.”


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